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 "Sometimes you just need to get a feel of something before you can see whether it will suit you and your needs. It is nice to be able to sit in a camper and say, ‘this is great’ and know it will work just like you had hoped"…

In Stock

The following is a selection of the FWC models in stock at Morrissey Industries Ltd. yard in B.C.

Yes, we may have other units arriving/in stock that are not listed,
as well, other units may have sold, therefore this page may not always
be up to date or accurate. Email us for an up to date list.

The following are units for sale at our yard. We also have a number of show units that are not for sale (hence not listed here) but are available for viewing.

June 2017 'In Stock' list.

Please note; Each unit is made for the truck it will go on. Although in many cases a camper will fit more then one truck it often requires some sort of modification. Units that we have in stock are built to go on the most common trucks that customers have. A Hawk unit built to fit a GM/Chev may not fit a Ford or Dodge. We have noted the best fit below each listing.


Standard Features on all models:
(Except Shell units and used units)

Aluminium Flex-frame construction.
Baked enamel finish aluminum (exterior sides and roof).
Polystyrene foam insulation.
Large side window with emergency exit.
2 - 10lbs. Propane tanks
110-volt power system with converter
Finished wood interior.
2 - 12 volt overhead lights + Porch light.
Privacy curtains.   Deluxe fabric cushions.
Queen size pullout bed + Convertible single bed / couch.
SS Sink with hand pump & water storage tank.
Ice box.     2 Burner stove.
Formica countertops.   Portable Dining table.
Fire extinguisher.   Screen door.

Unless noted, the following listed prices are in US Dollars.

We accept payment in Canadian or US currency.

Not included in the price - CDC - installation - taxes.

Prices and available options, as noted below,
are subject to change without notice.




Thank you for taking the time to explore this information and considering us in your
truck camper decision. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us;
by phone at 1-866-553-9758 or by email at     

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